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    I do not understand why leisure beach south does not have a financial statement that includes all the bank assets of the association?

    The lobby renovations look good but how much did they cost? This seems like a reasonable request!

    And why is there not a civil discussion about compliance with the Florida inpact window rules? I was told that we are the only building on the beach that does not comply and we are surcharged thousands of dollars a year for not conforming to the standard. Why?

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    The board had a lawyer in Miami tell Wigo he had to go to Coral Gables at 9:30am on Wednesday April 19,2017 in a letter dated Tuesday April 18 2017 mailed in Miami and delivered in Fort Lauderdale into his mailbox at Leisure Beach South on Friday April 21, 2017 if he wanted to see the financial records.


    The cost of the letter was probably hundreds of dollars why if there is nothing to hide?

    Mr. Accardi claims there is no slush fund. What does WIkipedia say? In accounting, the term slush fund describes a general ledger account of commingled funds to which all manner of transactions can be posted,with debits and credits cancelling each other out.
    Since this is what appears to have been done we have a SLUSH FUND.

    Why can we not find out where the money is?

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    Mr. Wigo went to Coral Gables and scanned all the documents provided by the board. Unfortunatly there was only backup for 2/3 of the money spent. Mr. Doring the 2015 treasurer gave Mr. Accardi $300,000 in investment CD’s and Reserves. Our current statemenr shows $129,000 as memory serves.

    The documents provided to Wigo did not show why and where all the missing $171,000 went.

    Wigo spent 3 hours in traffic to get a look at only some selected records what are they hiding?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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