slush fund and non lawsuit rumers

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    Asking where the money is and where it went using the Florida bureaucracy is not a lawsuit.

    Wigo asked for a “MANDATORY NONBINDING ARBITRATION” ON THE QUESTION OF THE NECESSITY OF A 75% OWNERS VOTE TO MAKE the MATERIAL CHANGE to our parking lot. Spending about $65,000 for bricks,sand blasting and painting to repave our parking lot when we had a bid to repave it in asphalt for $12,500 seems reasonable to me.. Mr. Accardi and the two other Italian Mini Mafiosa said no to a vote. At arbitration They said they were going to ignore the rules and do what Accardi wanted without a vote our rules be damed.

    There was no Lawsuit yet the Board spent I believe $36,000 on a lawyer to avoid the meeting? Now they have threatened to sue Wigo because he has asked the Florida bureau of Consumer affairs to make the Board explain why keeping the $250,000 cash lease payment from Crown Castle off the books and using it without including it in the budget or any other financial statement is not equivalent to using it as a slush fund?

    The only person to date to ever sue the Leisure Beach South Condo Association multiple times is Leonard Accardi.(he lost every time) This is a fact. Spending anything to avoid “MANDATORY ARBITRATION (UNDER FLORIDA LAW)WAS STUPID STUPID STUPID!

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